Photo of Jenny Kotlerman, M.S.Principal Statistician
Division of General Internal Medicine and
Health Services Research
Phone: (310) 794-3144
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Jenny Brook has been working as a Principal Statistician at UCLA since 2000. Over the years she has taken an integral part in helping others with their research, both hands on and as part of theoretical support. Jenny has worked on various projects, offering statistical expertise to both faculty and graduate students.


M.S. Biostatistics, UCLA
B.S. Mathematics, California State University, Northridge


Selected Publications:

De Rosa C, Ethier K, Kim D, Cumberland W, Afifi A, Kotlerman J, et al. Sexual intercourse and oral sex among public middle school students: Prevalence an correlates. Perspect Sex Reprod Health. 2010 Sep; 42(3):197-205.

Henning S, Seeram M, Zhang Y, Li L, Gao K, Lee R, Wang D, Kotlerman J, et al.  Strawberry consumption is association with increased antioxidant capacity in serum. J Med Food. 2010 Feb; 13(1): 116-22.

Sarna L, Bialous S, Wewers M, Froelicher E, Wells M, Kotlerman J, et al. Nurses trying to quit smoking using the internet. Nurs Outlook. 2009 Sep-Oct; 57(5): 246-56.

Farias-Eisner G, Su F, Robbins T, Kotlerman J, et al. Validation of serum biomarkers for detection of early- and late- stage endometrial cancer. Am J Obstet Gynecol. 2010 Jan; 202(1): 73.e1-5.

Sarna L, Bialous S, Wells M, Kotlerman J, et al. Do You Need to Smoke to Get a Break?  Smoking Status and Missed Work Breaks Among Staff Nurses. Am Jrn of Preventive Med. 2009;37(2S).

Anderson-Mahoney P, Kotlerman J, Takhar H, Gray D, Dahlgren JG. Self-Reported Health Effects among Community Residents Exposed to Perfluorooctanoate (PFOA) New Solut. 2008;18(2):129-43.

Upenieks V, Kotlerman J, et al. Assessing Nursing Staffing Ratios: Variability in Workload  Intensity. Policy, Politics, & Nursing Practice. 2007;8(1): 7-19.

Dahlgren J, Takhar H, Anderson-Mahoney, P, Kotlerman J, Tarr J, Warshaw R. Cluster  of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) associated with an oil field waste site: a cross sectional study. Environmental Health.  2007 May; 6:15.

Afifi A, Kotlerman J, Ettner SL. Methods For Improving Regression  Analysis for Skewed Continuous or  Counted Responses. Annu.  Rev. Public Health. 2007;28: 95-111.

Hays RD
, Eastwood J, Kotlerman J, Spritzer KL, Ettner SL, & Cowan M. Health-related quality of life and patient reports about care outcomes in a multidisciplinary hospital intervention.  Annals of Behavioral Medicine.  2006;31(2): 173-178.