Photo of David Elashoff, Ph.D.Professor
UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine
Division of General Internal Medicine and
Health Services Research
Department of Biostatistics
Phone: (310) 794-3346
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


Dr. Elashoff's two main areas of statistical research are in developing statistical methods for the analysis of high throughput genomic and proteomic data. He has extensive collaborative experience on a variety of basic science, clinical research and clinical trials projects. Many of these research projects are in cancer and/or genomics.


Ph.D. Statistics, Stanford University
B.S. Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Dr. Elashoff's Curriculum Vitae


Selected Publications:

Roth MD, Tseng CH, Clements PJ, Furst DE, Tashkin DP, Goldin JG, Khanna D, Kleerup EC, Li N, Elashoff D, Elashoff RE. Predicting treatment outcomes and responder subsets in scleroderma-related interstitial lung disease. Arthritis Rheum. 2011 Sep;63(9):2797-808.

Robles TF, Shetty V, Zigler CM, Glover DA, Elashoff D, Murphy D, Yamaguchi M. The feasibility of ambulatory biosensor measurement of salivary alpha amylase: Relationships with self-reported and naturalistic psychological stress. Biol Psychol. 2011 Jan;86(1):50-6.

Benz MR, Czernin J, Dry SM, Tap WD, Allen-Auerbach MS, Elashoff D, Phelps ME, Weber WA, Eilber FC. Quantitative F18-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography accurately characterizes peripheral nerve sheath tumors as malignant or benign. Cancer. 2010 Jan 15;116(2):451-8.

Charles-Schoeman C, Watanabe J, Lee YY, Furst DE, Amjadi S, Elashoff D, Park G, McMahon M, Paulus HE, Fogelman AM, Reddy ST. Abnormal function of high-density lipoprotein is associated with poor disease control and an altered protein cargo in rheumatoid arthritis. Arthritis Rheum. 2009 Oct;60(10):2870-9.

Arab L, Elashoff D, Liu W. Green and Black Tea Consumption and Risk of Stroke: A Meta Analysis. Stroke 2009 May;40(5):1786-92.

Young S, Lee J, Hodges R,  Chang TL, Elashoff D, White S, DDS. A comparative study of high-resolution cone-beam CT & CCD sensors for detecting caries. Dentomaxillofacial Radiology. 2009 Oct;38(7):445-451.

Benz MR, Czernin J, Allen-Auerbach MS, Tap WD, Dry SM, Elashoff D, Chow K, Evilevitch V, Eckardt JJ, Phelps ME, Weber WA, Eilber FC. FDG-PET/CT Imaging Predicts Histopathologic Treatment Responses after the Initial Cycle of Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in High-Grade Soft-Tissue Sarcomas. Clinical Cancer Research. 2009 Apr 15;15(8):2856-63.

Sarna L, Cooley M, Brown J, Chernecky C, Elashoff D, Kotlerman J.  Symptom Severity 1 to 4 Months After Thoracotomy for Lung Cancer. Am J Crit Care 2008 Sep; 17(5):455-67.

Fongwa M, Evangelista L, Hays R, Martins D, Elashoff D, Cowan M, Morisky D. African American Women’s Discourse on Adherence to Hypertension Treatment Factors. Journal of Vascular Health and Risk Management. 2008;4(1):157-66.

Khanna D, Ranganath VK, Fitzgerald J, Park GS, Altman RD, Elashoff D, Gold RH, Sharp JT, Furst DE, Paulus HE. Increased radiographic damage scores at the onset of seropositive rheumatoid arthritis in older patients are associated with osteoarthritis of the hands, but not with more rapid progression of damage. Arthritis Rheum. 2005 Jul 28;52(8):2284-2292.