UCLA DomStat

Sitaram Vangala

Principal Statistician Supervisor, Division of General Internal Medicine and Health Services Research


MS Statistics, George Washington University, 2011
BS Applied Mathematics, Columbia University, 2009


E-mail: svangala@mednet.ucla.edu
Phone: (310) 794-3507


Sitaram (Ram) Vangala is a Principal Statistician and Associate Director of DOMStat. His research interests include biomedical and social scientific applications of Bayesian methods, causal inference in observational studies, and statistical learning with high-dimensional data. He has extensive experience collaborating with health services, quality improvement and social science researchers on study design, data management and statistical analysis. He has assisted numerous UCLA investigators with grant preparation, protocol development, manuscript writing and responses to statistical review, and he regularly participates in seminars for junior investigators on drafting grant applications and best practices for clinical data management. His work for DOMStat additionally includes mentoring junior statisticians, trainees and research assistants.


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Selected Manuscripts

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