UCLA DomStat

Nicholas Jackson

Assistant Professor, Division of General Internal Medicine and Health Services Research


PhD Quantitative Psychology, USC, 2018
MPH Biostatistics, University of Arizona, 2009
BS Physiology, University of Arizona, 2005


E-mail: njjackson@mednet.ucla.edu
Phone: (310) 267-5505


Dr. Jackson's research interests are in the intersection of statistics, behavior, and public health. He holds a Master's of Public Health in Biostatistics and a PhD in Quantitative Psychology. His statistical interests are in longitudinal design and related methodology; specifically accelerated longitudinal designs and their estimation using mixed models. He also has an interest in the principal set of methods used to analyze ‘big data’ (i.e. Statistical/Machine Learning) and how exploratory techniques reconcile with confirmatory hypothesis testing.


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Selected Manuscripts

Fullerton, A. & Jackson, N.J., Tuvblad, C., Raine, A., & Baker, L.A. (In press). Early Childhood Head Injury Attenuates Declines in Impulsivity and Aggression across Adolescent Development in Twins. Neuropsychology.

Saab, S., Song, D., Challita, Y., Zhou, T.X., Saab, E.G., Choi, G., Durazo, F.A., Han, S.B., El Kabany, M.M., Viramontes, M.R., Jackson, N.J., & Busuttil, R.W. (In press). Long term outcomes with oral therapy in liver transplant recipients with Hepatitis B.  Clinical Transplantation.

Buhr, R.G., Jackson, N.J., Kominski, G.F., Dubinett, S.M., Ong, M.K., & Mangione, C.M. (2019). Comorbidity and thirty-day hospital readmission odds in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a comparison of the Charlson and Elixhauser comorbidity indices. BMC Health Services Research, 19(1), 701.

Datta, S., Change, S, Jackson, N.J., Ziman, A., & Federman, M. (2019). Impact of Age of Packed Red Blood Cell Transfusion on Oxygenation in Patients Receiving Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO). Pediatric Critical Care Medicine.

Slaught, C., Williams, V., Grover, S., Bigger, E., Kayembe, M., Chiyapo, S., Jackson, N.J., Dryden-Peterson, S., Kovarik, C.L., Wanat, K.A. (2018). A Retrospective Review of Patients with Kaposi’s Sarcoma in Botswana. International Journal of Dermatology.

Adams, E., Jackson, N.J., Young, T., DePasquale, E. & Reardon, L.C. (2018). Prognostic Utility of MELD-XI in Adult Congenital Heart Disease Patients Undergoing Cardiac Transplantation. Clinical Transplantation, e13257.

Bakir, M.* & Jackson, N.J.*, Chang, E., …Tseng, C. & Cadeiras, M. (2018). Time Dependent Phenotyping and Outcomes Following Heart Transplantation: A Natural Translation Experimentation Approach. The Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation.

Khoddam, R., Cho, J., Jackson, N.J., & Leventhal, A.M. (2018). Diminished Alternative Reinforcement as a Mechanism Linking Conduct Problems and Substance Use in Adolescence: A Longitudinal Examination. Addiction, 113(6), 1139-1148.

Kulkarni, D., Heath, J., Kosack, A., Jackson, N. J., & Crummey, A. (2018). An Educational Intervention to Improve Inpatient Documentation of High-risk Diagnoses by Pediatric Residents. Hospital Pediatrics, hpeds-2017.

Martins, B., Florjanczyk, J., Jackson, N., & Mather, M. (2018). Age Differences in Cognitive Effort of Emotion Regulation: Pupil Response Distinguishes Reappraisal and Distraction for Older but not Younger Adults. Psychology and Aging, 33(2), 338-349.

Alrezk, R., Jackson, N.J., Rezk, M.A., Elashoff, R.M, Weintraub, N., Elashoff, D.E., & Fonarow, G. (2017). The derivation and validation of a geriatric-sensitive perioperative cardiac risk index (GSCRI). Journal of the American Heart Association, 6(11), e006648

Iyengar, A., Hung, M.L., Asanad, K., Kwon, O.J., Jackson, N.J., Reemtsen, B.L., Federman, M.D., & Bniwale, R.M. (2017).  Association between hematologic and inflammatory markers and 31 thrombotic and hemorrhagic events in Berlin Heart Excor patients. Pediatric Cardiology, 38(4), 770-777.

Jackson, N.J.* & Isen, J. D.*, Khoddam, R., Irons, D., Tuvblad, C., Iacono, W. G, McGue, M., Raine, A., & Baker, L.A. (2016). Impact of adolescent marijuana use on intelligence: Results from two longitudinal twin studies. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 113(5), E500-E508.

Kelesidis, T.,   Jackson, N., McComsey, G.A., Wang, X., Elashoff, D., Dube, M.P., Brown, T.T., Yang, O.O., Stein, J.H., & Currier, J.S. (2016). Oxidized lipoproteins are associated with markers of inflammation and immune activation in HIV-1 infection. AIDS, 30(17), 2625-2633.